Add "ref" as GraphQL Scalar

Given, I have a Many-to-one relationship

type User {
    name: String!

type Car {
    plate: String!
    owner: User!

and I would like to create a Query with an Index, that returns me all Cars that belong to an owner:

type Query {
  getCarsByOwnerRef(owner: User!): [Car]
    @index(name: "getCarsByOwnerRef")

Then this is currently not working, because the needed GraphQL Scalar for “Ref” is not supported at the moment.

So it would be great to have the “Ref” as Scalar supported in Fauna.

(Current workaround would be, to switch to a one-to-many relation. Then you can use the @relation directive, so Fauna creates an index for you, that you can query from the User object. But that’s not nice, because you need to connect collections every time as a two-way instead of a one-way relation (In our situation the User object would get quite large, because in our system depends almost everything on the User))