Are there any ETL Connections For Fauna?

I’ve wanted to do a project in which I used an ETL Tool such as Alteryx to do some data transformation from a CSV File to push to FaunaDB. I noticed in all ETL Tools there are no connections such as ODBC or JDBC. I was wondering if there was a way to Connect Alteryx (Or Any other Standard ETL Tool) to FaunaDB.

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Hey! I’d say about half the company has probably checked out your facial recognition video. We have the FDM tool, but it is a little rough around the edges.

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At this point FDM is your best bet to do export/import… bulk things and some possible transformation.

To use an ETL tool that directly connects to FaunaDB, you’ll have to implement a custom connector to the ETL tool of your choice but that is a bit of work of course. Since FaunaDB has a fairly new query language, it’ll probably take some time before an ETL tool integrates.

We definitely noticed your video, many @ FaunaDB saw it and were amazed by your display of technical understanding. Keep it up :upside_down_face:, you’re on your way to become an awesome engineer.


Thank you so much. Instead, I made some Python code to do this transformation.

Thank you, Mr. Ben! I’ll check out the FDM Tool.

Finally, a more official answer for others that might stumble upon this thread:

At this point there aren’t plans for creating an ETL connector (yet). ETL tools all typically have different requirements, and making a connector would involve getting in touch with several popular providers to ensure we are building something that works with them. At this point there has not been much demand for an ETL tool. If other people read this and are looking for something similar, let us know :slight_smile:

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