Autogenerate bulk mutations (createAll, updateAll, deleteAll)

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This would likely follow the autogenerated API defined by the OpenCRUD spec. See OpenCRUD: Mutations: Batch Operations


Run a mutation with multiple root fields.


1. Import schema:

type Post {
  title: String!
  content: String!

2. Run mutation:

mutation CreateAll {
  a: createPost(data: {
    title: "Post A"
    content: "Some content"
  }) {
  b: createPost(data: {
    title: "Post B"
    content: "Some content"
  }) {

Note: the two Posts will be created in a single transaction.

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That’s what I’ve done a lot in GraphQL playground.
I wish I could do it dynamically on my app. Not sure how. Maybe mutating the string before sending it.
It would be great to have bulk updates from graphql.