Daily and monthly limits

Please help with the pricing, there’s a daily limit for the free, right? what happens if on some days you exceeded that daily limit BUT on the whole month you didn’t exceed the 3M limit? Will you have to pay for anything?

Because the calculator uses the monthly limit of 3m (read) and 1.5m (write) but the plan uses the daily limit…

You are right. Free limit (100K read ops and 50K write ops) is per day and anything over it is accumulated and used for pricing at the end of billing cycle. For e.g. in whole month, you used 150K read ops and that too just on one day, so you will be billed for that 50K (excluding 100K free) read ops. Billing is monthly so Pricing Calculator is also monthly to provide a better estimate. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply. Then with your explanation, I can conclude that the calculator is incorrect, If I put in 3m reads and 1.5m it says $0 / month. It is incorrect because it does not consider that maybe on some days your app is busier than other days that it gets beyond 100k limit, the reason why this matter is that with this, the calculator becomes unreliable and misleading.

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Great observation. If this is indeed true, it should be reflected accordingly in the calculator.

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