Dark mode and code box font size settings in dashboard

Dark mode and font size settings for code windows in dashboard would be nice.

Most of the code windows are already in dark mode, right? I think only the non-editable code blocks have a light background. Do you want those to be dark?

Regarding the font size settings, does zooming in with CTRL+ help at all?

The general white background to be dark. I guess a more general site setting.
This is more noticable in the dashboard if you go to edit a function.
I will generally change the fauna tab to a darker different tab just so it’s easier on my eyes.

CTRL + works, but I’d prefer not scaling the whole site. Also If you have multiple fauna tabs of dashboard, CTRL + will scale them all.

Are there specific text sizes that are too small, or do you find them all to be too small?

Just the code text size on the code windows really.

Thanks! That should help us fine-tune the Dashboard presentation. I’ve filed an issue (FE-1181) to add this, but it’s too soon to know an ETA.

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