Fauna Data Manager EOL

FYI, effective today, we are no longer offering the Fauna Data Manager tool (FDM) and have taken it down from our website. FDM was an experimental tool in a Beta stage. Having assessed the state of the tool and the project, we have decided that it does not meet our quality standards and didn’t want to continue to guide our users towards it.

If you are already using the Beta of FDM, you can continue using it as is but we won’t be able to offer you much support for it.

We do recognize that having an import tool is an important capability needed by users, and we will be working to provide a much better tool as part of our roadmap. We’re eager to get your input in this new tooling so please feel free to reach out with your requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the Forum or at Support@fauna.com with your comments and questions