Fauna Pricing - Data Transfer


I’m planning to use Fauna for a project and would like to know if the “Data Transfer” fees would apply if I use the JS Driver to access Fauna from Firebase Cloud Functions (https://firebase.google.com/products/functions).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks for the reply, @ptpaterson. I was actually not talking about FDM, but rather the data transfer costs which are mentioned in the pricing page (https://fauna.com/pricing, screenshot attached). I wanted to know if those costs are incurred when I access the database.

@rd27 Data Transfer rates are triggered when client is not in same region, cloud provider that we are in.

More info on billing and the regions where FaunaDB is present.


@Jay-Fauna Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ll mark this as the solution.

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What about the asia region? That isn’t shown on the status page. Thanks.

@maxfi we are not yet present in Asia region is in the roadmap. Meanwhile Asia folks will be served by either Europe or US-West Fauna replicas.

Thanks @Jay-Fauna. When do you think this expected? Looks like it’s been on the roadmap for sometime: https://fauna.com/blog/global-multi-cloud-replication-in-faunadb-serverless-cloud

@maxfi Hope you saw recent announcement on our new features and pricing. Next exciting features in the pipeline are Data Locality and Premium Regions and the details may not match the blog (needs revision). Which specific region are you interested in?

Hi @Jay-Fauna. I’m interested specifically in accessing data from Sydney, Australia. Thanks.