Fauna Schema Migration tool

Hi everyone, I have just published an unofficial fauna schema migration tool. The goal is to help with:

  • Setting up Fauna resources as code.
  • Simplify development
  • Updating a Fauna database in one transaction.
  • Guidance on how this can be done by printing the FQL statements in case you want to write your own scripts/tooling.

The tool is available on GitHub: GitHub - fauna-brecht/fauna-schema-migrate
and was pushed to npm: fauna-schema-migrate - npm

Please read through the GitHub README first. If you have questions or suggestions afterwards, feel free to post them here. If there are bugs, please open a GitHub issue.

Feedback is very much appreciated, so we can determine whether this actually helps and whether it is missing features. It was built initially to provide Fauna skeletons in a sane way and help users along the way but is not (yet) in a production stage. If it turns out that this is exactly what is needed we could improve and look into officially supporting this tool.

A video walkthrough can be found here:


This is amazing! Thanks so much… will try it soon :slight_smile:

thanks! Great tool!

i usually run one script that response diff between my cloud state and current state of my application. So, this tool will help me a lot !

Thanks @databrecht