Fauna-shell cloud-login

The fauna-shell cloud-login command adds an endpoint to the .faunashell file. The documentation specifies an number of optional arguments, such as
--secret=<secret> and
which seem to intend support to provide values for what would otherwise b:e supplied by command line prompts, but use of arguments result in errors. For example
fauna cloud-login --endpoint=test
results in
“Error: unexpected argument: --endpoint=test”

is there some aspect of the syntax that I’m overlooking?

The problem that you are describing is an unintended consequence of the introduction of Region Groups earlier this year. Now, instead of a single endpoint, cloud-login creates three endpoints, one each for the Classic, US, and EU regions.

This is certainly a documentation problem that needs to be fixed (DOCS-1863), and we can handle that error message better too.

Note that cloud-login is now interactive: it prompts you for the required values which depend on the kind of authentication that you need to use.

The documentation update has been completed. Apologies for the inconvenience.