Faunadb has a very high read latency in Asia

I’m using Faunadb with Cloudflare Workers. The latencies are low in both Asia and North America without sending any request to Faunadb. When I add Faunadb to my worker, the response time of my worker in America is 200 milliseconds, but it is over 1.5 second in Asia. This article https://fauna.com/blog/announcing-new-global-regions-for-faunadb-south-america-and-asia said that read latency will be low in Asia. My worker only sends read requests, and the latency between my location and Singapore is only 30 milliseconds. I can’t find the status of Faunadb in Asia.

Well, I think that I have found the answer. https://fauna.com/blog/faunadb-outage-review

Apologize, these posts seems to be very old. Will work with the team to fix the regions.

Are you consistently seeing an increased latency and are you using GraphQL API ? Can you DM the email on account ? Happy to take a look at it.