Fql calls gql

Can I call a gql query from within fql?
Thats because If statement in fql is awesome but joins are really verbose.
I’d like to do a check on my data with a IF and then get some data the graphql way…

Currently that’s not possible. I have asked for the same capability internally since I personally believe that FQL and GraphQL should be more seamless, I’d love to hook in a UDF in a specific small part of a GraphQL query and then let GraphQL take over again (which probably would also serve your needs). Since we don’t provide something like that now I would detail exactly what you would like and open a feature request on the forum :slight_smile:

We are also currently working on a spec for the future FQL which (I suspect) will make joins much less verbose and might become closer to GraphQL in some aspects.

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Thanks for your kind reply.
Glad that I have meaningful questions…:slight_smile:

Does this feature request post from Summer cover what you are thinking?

Or more like the other way around? Get access to GraphQL resolver functions directly from FQL — like could call a resolver from shell if you wanted?

More like the other way around.
I thought about issuing a gql statement from fql.
This is my original thought.
Thanks for your work.