GraphQL 1.5.0 released 🎉

:wave: Hello everyone!

:tada: GraphQL 1.5.0 has been released :tada:

New feature:

  • A new schema import mode: replace mode creates missing collections, indexes, and functions, but unlike override, it only replaces existing GraphQL metadata and avoids modification of documents, indexes, functions. We hope that this will be more useful during development than the more destructive override mode, and that you will continue using merge if you only want to upsert new lines to your schema instead of replacing the whole thing. See Modes for more information.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented empty lists from being provided as input values to non-null list fields.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing a schema with renamed fields involved in a relation.
  • Fixed a potential inconsistent state while importing a revised schema (see the release notes for more).

We are still actively seeking user feedback on this, so please email us if you have a few minutes free to try that out and share your thoughts!

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