GraphQL playground broken: "Issues processing last GraphQL query" (magically resolved, but unexplained fauna issue)

Got the following message:

Issues processing last GraphQL query
If you got this error, it’s probably because your last query contained an invalid character type. To fix it, just clear your local storage.

With the following in the console:

The suggested action is to clear localStorage, which I did, as well as logging in and out. Even tried other browsers that had never logged into Fauna. Same result.

Image of error message:

For the record:

  • The issue also persists after re-uploading schema via update and after completely overriding the schema.
  • It also does not matter whether localStorage is cleared via the button or manually.

Lol well this has been broken all day, but 25m after posting this, it’s working again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

One thing I did was connect GraphiQL to the fauna endpoint and run a query. Shortly after doing that, it worked.

Our apologies, I wasn’t online (different timezone) and my colleagues were hard at work fixing the issue and didn’t notice that someone asked a similar question on the forum. We responded in our community slack to users with similar issues and rolled back the changes to fix the issue (as you have noticed).

We have rolled Dashboard back to the previous working deploy. APIv3 commands won’t be available in the Web Shell until we resolve the issue, but the GQL playground should be working again. Thank you for your patience in this matter

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Thanks! :slight_smile: No worries at all. #hugops