Instance is not unique

SELF-SOLVED: Removed unique constraint on the allPlayers index

I get this error in PG:

  "errors": [
      "message": "Instance is not unique.",
      "extensions": {
        "code": "instance not unique"

re: this entry in the schema:

type Player 
 {  rankingid : String!
    uid : String! @unique
    rank : Int!
    challengerid : String

and this function in PG:

mutation CreateNewPlayer {
    rankingid: "280892229782864389"
    uid: "280689785097421325"
    rank: 2
    challengerid: ""
  ) {

the uid I have used here is unique, the rankingid is not.
I removed the @unique constraint that was previously on the rankingid in the schema and successfully uploaded it (checked).

  1. Why am I still getting the ‘Instance is not unique’ error?
  2. What else should I look into to resolve?
    thanks …

I have another instance of this issue.
I have the following:

mutation CreateARanking {
    data: {
      active: true
      rankingname: "TestRnk6"
      rankingdesc: "U17"
      player: { connect: "287674108858073605" }
  ) {
    player {

TestRnk6 doesn’t currently exist (AFAIK). It doesn’t appear in the Ranking collection.
Player _id = 287674108858073605 does already exist.

The previous answer (above) to this issue was to remove the unique constraint on allPlayers index.
However, AFAIK, there is no unique constraint on player.
Anyway, no allPlayers index has been automatically generated in the Fauna UI (there is allUsers and allRankings, but neither of them have unique constraints set either).
Player is defined as:

type Player {
rank: Int!
ranking: Ranking! @relation
challenger: User @relation

in the schema.
SOLVED, with thanks, by @ptpaterson:

Why does the CreateARanking mutation in PG give a
“message”: “Instance is not unique.”,
error message?
thanks …

Hi @FreeRoss ,

may you share the schema and I can give a try?




type User {
active: Boolean!
username: String!
description: String
email: String
mobile: String
playedAs: [Player!]! @relation

type Player {
active: Boolean!
rank: Int!
ranking: Ranking! @relation
challenger: User @relation

type Ranking {
active: Boolean!
rankingname: String!
rankingdesc: String
player: Player @relation

type Mutation {
  createNewUser(active: Boolean!, username : String!, password : String!, description: String, email: String, mobile: String): loginResult! @resolver(name: "create_new_user")
  loginUser(username: String!, password: String!): loginResult! @resolver(name: "login_user")

type Query {
  allUserNames: [String!]! @resolver(name: "all_user_names")
  allPlayerUIDs: [String!]! @resolver(name: "all_player_uids")
  allPlayerRanks: [Int!]! @resolver(name: "all_player_ranks")
  allPlayerChallengerUIDs: [String!]! @resolver(name: "all_player_challenger_uids")
  allPlayers: [Player] @resolver(name: "all_players")
  allRankings: [Ranking] @resolver(name: "all_rankings")
  allUsers: [User] @resolver(name: "all_users")
  gotPlayersByRankingId (rankingid: String!): [Player] @resolver(name: "got_players_byrankingid")
  gotRankingIdsByPlayer (uid: String!): [String] @resolver(name: "got_rankings_byplayerid")

type loginResult @embedded
  token : String
  logginUser : User

thx …

Uniqueness is enforced by Indexes, not the schema. If you removed the @unique contraint, Fauna will not automatically delete the Index that enforces the uniqueness.

You should expect there to be an Index that still exists called unique_Player_uid or something. Delete that if you do not want the uniqueness enforced anymore.

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Thanks yes, that fixed it.
Initially I deleted
as there was no equivalent for Player. However, I noticed neither of the above had the Unique constraint set by default anyway.
I then unset the Unique constraint on
and the document would then create in PG …