Invoke a previous version of a UDF?

Hello. Sorry if this has been asked before. You can look at the event history for a UDF say with


You can even look at it’s body definition at a previous version

At(1593691643935000, Get(Function('fn')))

But is it possible to invoke that version?

At(1593691643935000, Call('fn')) calls the current version

At this point, only the last version of the UDF can be executed, sorry :confused:

:disappointed_relieved: No worries. I wonder if there are any obvious reasons why it would be a bad idea.

The use case I was thinking of is that you could pin UDFs at deploy time so that updating them wouldn’t break clients. You could obviously get around it with including versions in the UDF name.

I’m not sure about that tbh. I personally think it’s just a technical limitation at this point… as in… something that should just be implemented but I’m not 100% certain.