More granular access control in the Admin Dashboard

Currently when giving access to a “Developer” team member, that person has access to the entire list of databases available under that account.

That means that this user can create/delete all existing databases. It would be great to have some sort of granular permission control, to limit access to production databases. E.g. a developer can access and create/delete all databases that are nested under the parent “dev” database, but only admins/devops people can access and delete databases under a “prod” parent database.

It is a critical security flaw that all members of a development team working on FaunaDB has to have access to all databases (including ones with production workloads). Currently the only way to solve this is to create completely separate FaunaDB accounts, this is a big hassle as it requires more usernames/passwords for everyone involved, and in addition it requires a paid subscription to both the prod account and the development account (if you want team members to have access).

In summary: It would be great to see granular/database level permission access for admin dashboard users.