Pagination by page numbers

Currently, the way pagination work is by providing after which corresponds to the, this is pagination by nextToken, what about pagination by page numbers?

like: ?page=100

say there are 500 pages in total and you want to go to page 189, do we make the user go through pages 1 to 188 to before reaching 189? I think that’s not a good UX.

Hi @aprilmintacpineda!

Have you seen these existing topics?


To specifically address UX for getting to page 189, I think the best UX would be a filter/search that reduce results (and pages), or otherwise skipping undesired data. It’s not good UX either if the user has to rely on knowing that the data they want is on page 189/500.

It’s odd that when I searched for pagination those didn’t appear… thanks for the kind response!

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