Posting from a desktop java client

I want to do something very simple. Whenever my app crashes, I want to send a bug report to my fauna DB. I don’t not want to use any external libraries to do so, I just want the details on how to find my endpoint and how to format the REST post request. Can this be done?

Apologize for the late response.

You can do this but then you will need a CBOR version of the Fauna Query and point to the endpoint Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation on how to build a CBOR version of Fauna query but since you are simply creating the documents, it should be straight forward from the below example of creating a document in products collection.

{"create":{"collection":"products"},"params":{"object":{"data":{"object":{"productID":6,"supplierID":2,"categoryID":2,"quantityPerUnit":"48 - 6 oz jars","unitPrice":22,"unitsInStock":53,"unitsOnOrder":0,"reorderLevel":0,"discontinued":false,"name":"Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning"}}}}}

Postman screenshot

Hope this helps.