RE: CreateKey Output Object Returns NULL (Node.js)

I’ve embarked on several different ways of abstracting Key:Value data
from the CreateKey Return object, but I keep getting NULL.
Here’s my latest attempt on a PipeDream Workflow:

The Fauna Cheat Sheet advises that the CreateKey returns an object
containing the following metadata about the results of CreateKey operations:

The CreateKey query is successfully creating verifiable keys w/in my DB,
but the (Var)iable assigned to the output object remains NULL.

Needing Clarification.

RESOLVED: By sourcing and modifying another Fauna Example (Ref’d Below).

  1. Added back “await” before the client.query;
  2. Invoked console.log (createP) to display object contents;
  3. Then simply used createP.“ref_a_key_here” to abstract desired value from object