RE Zapier Connectivity

I’d like to connect a 3rd Party App to my FaunaDB via Zapier.

Each time a record is submitted, I’d like Zapier to update my FaunaDB.

Is this possible?

This is what the Collection Streams feature is, but it’s not available yet.

To achieve something like it, you have to poll the DB regularly. Pipedream is a lot like Zapier and does this. I think you can run similar javascript in Zapier, but I don’t actually know how that (JS in Zapier) works. Point though, is if Zapier doesn’t have it out of the box, I think you’ll have to bootstrap it yourself.

Just to be clear, where is that record submitted? It seems you want to update Fauna from something externally? I read this as if Zapier detects a change in some external system and you want to write that change to Fauna. This is probably only possible if Zapier supports a Fauna plugin. Unless you can write a custom one easily, then it’s definitely possible.

That record would be submitted from PayHere (@

Each time a Payhere Subscriber hits “Submit” button [Trigger],
Zapier would submit request to update my FaunaDB [Action].

App Search Results reveal that:
Payhere is registered with Zapier @
FaunaDB is registered with PipeDream @ FaunaDB API Integrations - Pipedream.

What would be the best way to reconcile the two?
Would it be better to use PipeDream -or- Zapier (one or the other)?
Or use both - where Zapier submits the request to PipeDream,
which in turn submits the Update request to FaunaDB?

Sorry that’s a very generic question that I can’t answer, I haven’t used either of them.