Restrict access of a user to fauna dashboard

Is there a way to restrict access of a user? So that when we invite our devs they can only access databases we allow them to access such as dev or only for specific projects. Because I don’t want us to have devs who can access all databases of all our projects.


There is no way to manage team member permissions in the dashboard, currently.

You can issue keys scoped to the database devs have access to. I understand that is suboptimal if you want to have the convenience of the Dashboard.

I’ve moved this topic to Feature Requests so folks can vote on it and keep the discussion going.

don’t you think that this is a necessary feature when it comes to team management? What if you have a newly hired dev, we have to invite them into the team (because how else can they work and develop if we don’t invite them in the team), now you have a newly hired dev that can access production databases. Some databases should only be accessible to the managers and team leads.