Schema migrations and changelog processing like liquibase

Before switching from traditional MySQL to FaunaDB we need to confirm on certain capabilities. Want to understand how FaunaDB can support schema migrations and changelog processing like liquibase. Please advise. Thank you for the support.

I believe it does not make sense to use liquibase itself with FaunaDB since such a framework is tailored towards SQL. FaunaDB is (at this point at least) schemaless (or schema lives in application code) and the way indexes work are quite different than a traditional SQL database.

There is a valid use-case for tools that help with setting up collections, indexes and/or user defined functions but I assume the bulk of the work you really need to do is migration scripts since running a liquibase changeset that changes a column types will have no effect on FaunaDB collections since document attributes do not have types.

For migration scripts that alter data you could look into FDM or write your own ‘up’ and ‘down’ migration scripts. At this exact moment we do not have more advanced tooling. We do realise it’s a must to have and are looking into providing better tooling.

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