Security for enterprise

Hi! I really appreciate what the Fauna team is building. I have a use case (financial industry) where (a) encryption and (b) locality are really important (e.g. data is encrypted at rest and must reside within a jurisdiction). Your product has some really nice security properties but these two aspects seem to be missing and I imagine prevents broader enterprise adoption.

Is there any planned support for these features or support for teams working with enterprise customers? I’d love to start exploring a fit with your product but these gaps would need to be addressed.

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: @Keith Welcome to the Fauna Forums!

We do support Encryption in Transit and Encryption at Rest to safeguard any malicious attacks. However we do not support encryption with an user provided key.
Data Locality, Teams and Streaming are being developed and tentatively out for Beta this month.

I will connect you to the team to hear more from you.

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