Security keys not showing

I am having a problem where the security keys I am creating are not showing up in the admin at all.


I’ve noticed something similar yesterday. Apparently it does happen in specific scenarios only. Could you inform me how you got to that point? I’m looking for how you’ve set up your database, things like:

  • Are you using GraphQL?
  • Are you creating keys on custom roles?
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No just the admin role and not GraphQL. I did have a custom role on this database and tried creating a key after deleting it but no such luck.

My keys aren’t listed either. For neither admin or custom roles.
Even after creating new keys, it says “Create your first key”

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Hi All,

would you try now and see if your keys are listed?

Thanks, can see them again now. :+1:

Does this mean that keys were missing entirely, or is this related to the names not being listed either? I’ve been missing the ability to read the assigned names of keys for some time.

Not sure about the relation to the names not being listed.
Keys were not missing entirely though since I was able to retrieve them via a workaround and I was still able to use the keys.