Slow Latency - GraphQL

Hi there,

I understand that the expected latency for simple queries should be ~200ms. Unfortunately, once I created my graphql schema and when calling a simple paginated query the response time is from 1s to up to 5sec. I’ve using Charles Proxy so capture the package so I can get the times.

I’m using the auto generated relation (paginated), and the responses times are: 1.03s, 2.75s, 4.23s… for a simple 1 to N paginated query.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a log in fauna where I can see/get the response times from the graphql calls?
  2. Can the GraphQL tracing be activated in Fauna GraphQL?
  3. Is there an actual optimization happening right now to improve response times?


@pedrynteam Please let me know if you still see high latencies? If so, we could troubleshoot to identify where and why the latencies are.

Hi @Jay-Fauna

Yes, still see high latencies for simple queries. Here’s one sample: 1.82s just for a query using FindStoreByID (autogenerated by Fauna-GrahpQL). From time to time I get response times from 1s to 2s; I’m not exactly sure how to improve that or where to look for logging info.

Thanks and please let me know if more details are needed.

I would need the email on the account and some other details. I will send a private message.