SQL on top of the FQL intermediate representation query language?

Hi yall, just wanted to ask if anyone knows if SQL will be built on top of FQL anytime soon?

I know that there are some resources for users to transition into FQL and all, but what if we want to keep our queries? I seen some talk about building SQL support on top of FQL but have yet to see any concrete progress or updates.

Example here, “What’s completely unique to Fauna is that when you get to that point, you can drop down to FQL because we have this intermediate representation. You can simultaneously continue to develop your primary query patterns on GraphQL, but still drop down to the IR level, which is admittedly more complex and harder to use because it’s a proprietary interface. But, you can get to your data and the full power of the database platform when you need to. That pattern has been extremely successful for us and we are excited to extend it to other standard languages like SQL in the future.” from this article

Reason is because what if I want to migrate my data over, but keep my queries or do minimal changes to them? Thanks all!

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I hate being the bearer of bad news, but SQL on FaunaDB is not happening in the near term, and it’s place on the roadmap isn’t certain.

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Hey Ben, that’s too bad, but thanks for the quick response!