Unauthorized FaunaDB with valid secret key

I’m using FaunaDB in a study project and when I connected it to my code, it doesn’t authenticate, I have a secret key with administrator permission and it doesn’t authenticate, it keeps giving unauthorized.


import { Client } from "faunadb";

export const fauna = new Client({
  secret: process.env.DB_KEY,
  keepAlive: false,


await fauna.query(Create(Collection("users"), { data: email }));

Hi @lucasantonio Welcome!

You get unauthorized errors when you connect to the wrong Region Group. This may be a duplicate of this other topic. Does it look like this is your issue?

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Hi @lucasantonio. Were you able to get connected to Fauna through the driver?

Please let us know if this topic can be marked as solved or if there is something else going on.


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