What happened to Fauna Data Manager (FDM)?

All of the links and blog posts now return 404 or redirect to other docs page.

I am using FDM v1.4 and I wonder how long it will work without official support.
It has some problems but it gets half of the job done.


I’m also curious about this. Was it an accident it was removed from the tools and integrations page? Should people using it (like myself) be aware of some sort of bug or vulnerability which caused it to be taken down?

I noticed this as well. In particular, I was looking to use FDM to to do some backup and exporting, as outlined in this guide https://medium.com/@wallslide/automating-faunadb-backups-6f620727eedc

From what I can tell there’s no other official way to do bulk operations like this other than FDM?

Docs from official website were available in Google cache. I have a backup if someone needs them.

One of the major bugs seems to be with multiple index values or terms when copying schema from one database to another. Sometimes FDM doesn’t copy values or terms at all, sometimes only first.

Hi folks, thanks for your interest in FDM. After some consideration we decided to remove links to FDM from our website. As mentioned in this separate topic, the project didn’t meet the standards necessary to continue linking to it from website. We do realize that having a great import tool is an important need of our users. So, we’ll be working to add a better tool as part of our roadmap.

We’re eager to hear your requirements so please feel free to reach out to us in with your input.