Auto created query returns 'null'

I have a query that was generated by FaunaDB after I uploaded the project schema:

query FindRankingByID {
  findRankingByID(id: 274890605431095813) {

with ‘Basic’ authentication this query correctly retrieves the data.
When I use a token ('Bearer ') in the Playground http header I get:

  "data": {
    "findRankingByID": null

If there was a permissions issue I should get a permissions error. However, the only change has been the token in the http header.
If permissions are the issue then I considered:
Previously I assigned privileges to functions in the ‘logged-in’ role which has membership with the relevant collections (and therefore works with the tokens).
However, those functions have resolvers that are defined in the schema and are listed in the functions dropdown for the ‘logged-in’ role.
There is no findRankingByID function listed in ‘logged-in’.
If this is not a permissions issue then why is the data returned now null and how should I fix so this query will work with a token? thanks …

hi @FreeRoss
Do you mind sharing the authentication headers you are using (both Basic and Bearer)?
Please do that in private and I’ll take a look.


I hadn’t added read privileges to the Ranking collection in my ‘logged-in’ role
I can now fetch the ranking by id with a Bearer token
@Luigi_Servini Thanks for your assistance.