Cannot accesd an index on Fauna local

I am running a local instance of Fauna which I access through a Netlify app. I have a collection (users) with an index (users_by_username) with one record which I can access through fauna shell using the secret used in my app


giving the result

  data: [
	  id: "650044333971413209",
	  coll: users,
	  ts: Time("2024-01-02T12:31:20.100Z"),
	  first_name: "Fred",
	  last_name: "Dibnah",
	  login_id: "123621b8-d6fc-465e-90ae-dca8d83e3321x",
	  email: "",
	  username: "fred",
	  contacts: []

However when I attempt to access it through the app I get an error

when reading user: Ref refers to undefined index ‘users_by_username’

The code here is cut down to a minimum

db-access.js in …/netlify/functions

var fclient = new faunadb.Client(
        secret: 'fnAFWr6 ....',
        domain: 'localhost',
        port: '8443',
        scheme: 'http',

exports.handler = async () => {
    var query = faunadb.query
    try {
        var query_function = query.Map(
            query.Paginate(query.Match(query.Index('users_by_username'), 'fred')),
            (recordRef) => query.Get(recordRef)
        var response = await fclient.query(query_function);

        return {
            statusCode: 200,
            body: JSON.stringify(,
            headers: {
                "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": "*",
                "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": true,
    } catch (error) {
        return {
            statusCode: 422,
            body: JSON.stringify(error),

Why can it not find the index?

This syntax is FQL v10 syntax:


But the query code you have written below is v4 syntax and I am assuming the v4 js driver.

If you created a v10 index then you should use the v10 driver to access it:

import { Client, fql } from 'fauna'

const client = new Client({
    endpoint: new URL(`http://localhost:8443`)

const targetUsername = "fred"


Basically, you can’t directly access v4 indexes from v10 code, and you can’t directly access v10 indexes from v4 code either. You can indirectly access them by wrapping them in a UDF that does the index access and returns a page and then using that data from the other fql version if you need to.

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I was asleep and wasn’t aware of the the migration to v10

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