Could someone explain the process of creating a database structure in FaunaDB?

Hello everyone :wave:

I am looking at ways to create groups in Faunadb without writing code; using the dashboard or any other layout available. While I am familiar with using Faunadb through FQL . I would appreciate any advice on how to successfully see and plan a database structure.

  • What are the main processes in developing a database structure in Faunadb? How can I properly plan up groups; connections; and data types?
  • If possible, please describe how groups and search operate in Faunadb? Which elements should I carry in mind when defining these structures?
  • How can I represent difficult data structures in Faunadb? Are there any best practices to control connections between different types of data?
  • Before I start developing; how can I decide on the access sequences for my application? How does this affect the structure?
  • What techniques can I use for capacity and improve efficiency as my application grows? Are there any particular crawling strategies to be aware of?

I am searching for helpful guidance that will help me organise my database schema better. While I have covered the fundamentals of Faunadb query language I want to create a strong foundation in structure before going ahead.

If there are any challenges I should be aware of when using the Faunadb dashboard to manage collections please share your experiences. Also I have gone through some thread related to this But I did not get the sufficient information that I wanted. While I would like to appreciate any kind of help

I am excited to learn from the community skills and experiences working with Faunadb. I am happy :heart: to start on this journey with Faunadb and create robust applications.

Thank you for your efforts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Romana. Ideally, we hope that Fauna can accommodate whatever domain model fits with your application.

We try to cover a variety of access patterns in our documentation here: Query data with FQL - Fauna Documentation

We have some documentation on constructing and querying relationships here: Document relationships - Fauna Documentation. With the launch of schema enforcement, you can now leverage the type system for your own collections.

Could you clarify on what you mean by “groups”?

You have asked a number of questions and they are all quite broad. To get you the best support, it may help to focus in on a single topic and more targeted questions for your use case.

Can you please explain this in more.