Creating date data from Date object JavaScript

i want insert a Date data directly from Date object in javascript, i still remember this code always work when i want to insert or update my Date data in my collection

const createDateData = async () => {
    return await serverClient.query(
        {data: { current_date: new Date() }},

But, now i can’t insert a data with the code above, when i tried the output will be like this

  ref: Ref(Collection("date_test"), "286791657903358476"),
  ts: 1609764688340000,
  data: { current_date: {} }

as we can see, the current_date data is undefined or like empty object.

i don’t know what actually happens, but it still work when i parse date to string before send it to fauna, but, today it don’t work when i directly send javascript Date object data to fauna …

Why don’t you use the q.Now() function of Fauna?

Alternatively you can create a date from a ISO string with q.Date()