Dafault GraphQL UDF

Where can be found the UDF generated by Fauna when importing an GraphQL schema? I want to implement some custom resolvers so for that I want to also see how the default udf resolvers are created by Fauna.

The name parameter of @resolver specifies the name of the UDF

If you mean for the queries and mutations that are auto generated NOT with @resolver, then there is no UDF. The GraphQL query is compiled behind the scenes directly into FQL.

And the implementation behind the scenes can be seen anywhere, is it logged or stored in some functions?

Not stored in UDFs. Effectively compiled to FQL. Don’t know exactly how. My guess is dynamically with the tools built into Scala’s Sangria library.

Given the output though, it’s fairly straightforward to guess what the final output would look like — a nested series of Let statements returning the object structure requested.

I for a while tried to build my own GraphQL to FQL library and learned a lot. It was the bases of this gist: