Dashboard Security Role UI is not showing all the options for Functions

In the dashboard’s Edit Role page there is a select menu to select all the Functions to give access for the role. But I noticed that not all the functions are listed in this html select.
So I tried to manually add more options in the html (using the browser’s inspect tool) and then I could select the function and submit it successfully.

Hi @vasco3,

It’s possible this is related to the event we have listed on our status page (see the banner at the top of this page, there’s a link to the latest status with updates on the event in question). The short version of it is that there are index mismatches for some customers in the Classic Region group. Since the dashboard relies on indexes to get the list of collections, indexes, functions, and schemas available, a mismatch on those indexes could result in what you’re seeing.

To check if this is what’s causing it, please open the shell on the left side of the dashboard and run:


The Functions() call uses an internal index, so if your functions aren’t showing up there then that’s the issue. If they do, though, then it could be something else. Please let us know either way so we can address it.


Cory, I just ran the Functions command on the dashboard shell and it does return the whole list of functions. I just ran it though (16 hours after your message).
But the Security Role dashboard is still showing the incomplete list on the select

Thanks for confirming @vasco3 and I apologize for the delay in updating you.

I’d like to gather some more information before submitting a bug report on this. I haven’t been able to reproduce it, but can you:

  • Attach a screenshot showing the edit page of the Role you’re working on. Be sure to include the name of the role to help us in our review. It’s also helpful to have the Functions dropdown menu open (prior to editing in the browser console).
  • Share the output of Functions() in the web shell.
  • Confirm which database you’re working on.

Rather than share all of these details in the public forum you can email them directly to support at fauna dot com. We can take it from there.


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Sent the email, I hope it helps