DB key stopped working / unable to authenticate

So I got my first website using fauna up and running yesterday. I’d been working on it locally connected to fauna for a week or so, all good. Just now I check and I’m now getting a “database secret not valid” error. I haven’t changed anything in the code… Have just tried generating a new key but still no luck. This is pretty egregious! Please help!

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I get the same error it looks like.

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Ah man :frowning: This is very sad

Also tried using the keys directly in the playground headers, no joy

Ok, it’s back up now. Can someone from fauna explain what happened? just a service blackout?

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@theawb, I believe you got that error message with GraphQL API?

We are aware of an issue on the GraphQL API where we report a wrong error message Invalid database Secret when a query timeouts. This has nothing to do with the secret itself. As a workaround, you could retry the request, and it is very likely to be resolved. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

If it’s not GraphQL API, please share more details like the timeframe, driver, etc., and happy to take a look.

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I can’t see how it could be a query timeout, because all functionality was blocked for an hour (or so, I gave up on it for a bit). I also tried working directly in the playground with basic queries and I got the same result, with various keys.

Hi folks, Thanks for your patience here. We’re working to get a fix out as soon as possible. To back up what Jay says, there may not be any issue with your keys. In some cases an internal error is being manifested as a authentication error. We should have a fix for this particular issue shortly. We’ll post on this thread when we’ve got the fix out.

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refresh doesn’t help, you have to close the tab and reopen the site. and clean all any token may be stored somewhere

It seems to randomly return invalid database secret today too.