Design inputs & Feedback - Graphql

Hi All,

I have nested databases under the primary database for a multi-tenant app. I am in the process of migrating from “x” database to Fauna.

The GraphQL endpoint is /api/graphql and I have FQL Functions resolving all GraphQL requests.

I need the custom/vanity URL but at the same time I want to have the FaunaDB native GraphQL generators as it would make my life easy. Everything is Typescript - The entire org is built on JS. Are there specific design issues I need to be considerate of?

I have auth0 for authn & authz and have a custom directive to pick roles & permissions. Each resolver looks for them.

Are there any best-practices that I can follow or leverage? Any docos or medium articles is fair game.


Hi @uday !

It sounds like you have a full GraphQL server of your own. Is that right? Are you asking if can upload a schema to Fauna and stitch your custom schema together with it?

Hi @uday.

Since you are using Auth0, you can take a look at our external authorization feature using JWT tokens. Overview | Fauna Documentation

One thing I can point you to is an example app I made a while ago that demonstrates schema-stitching and using HTTP-only cookies to send fauna auth tokens. In it, I host an Apollo Server on Netlify functions which then acts as a proxy for my Fauna GraphQL API.

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