Support Domains/Namespaces to structure functions/collections in scaled environments. (Having hundreds or thousands of functions becomes quite messy with a flat structure)


*I’m aware of the workaround that I can structure functions in folders via IAC, but that doesn’t solve the fact that the function names become messy.

Namespacing of sorts is on the roadmap. Like you say, once your application grows managing a lot of schema definitely gross complex. And we definitely encourage you to put a lot of business logic into Fauna, given the power of FQL, permissions etc.

As a workaround, I wonder if this would work for you for now:

You can create a UDF which is a “constructor” of sorts.

// FSL
function User(id) {
  let doc = _user.byId(id)!

    impersonate: (other) => User_impersonate(doc, other),
    doc: () => doc,
    update: (params) => doc.update(params),
    delete: () => doc.delete(),

function Car(id) {
  let doc = _car.byId(id)!

    sell: (user) => Car_sell(doc, user),
    doc: () => doc,
    update: (params) => doc.update(params),
    delete: () => doc.delete()

function User_impersonate(user, other) { /* ... */ }

function Car_sell(car, user) { /* ... */ }

// If the above terms are how you want to interact with the data, then name the collections something different.
collection _user {}
collection _car {}

// define those roles as well

This may be a bit contrived, but I hope it illustrates how you encapsulate logic into objects.