Fauna dashboard function FQL modification Containsstr

Today I edited a function and I saw a wiard behavior and wanted to ask if it is intended.
When I:

  1. Open a function write code with “ContainsStr”. Example: Query(Lambda("x", Add(Var("x"), ContainsStr("x"))))
  2. Save then function.
  3. Exit the function view
  4. Reenter the function view
  5. The function body now contains Query(Lambda("x", Add(Var("x"), Containsstr("x", "a")))).

It modifies the ContainsStr from Containsstr to Containsstr.
I know that formatting will be applied to the code entered but I think that this is unintended because when I try to save with Containsstr it says that “Containsstr is not defined”.

Thanks for reading have a nice day :D.

Hi @Marco-Selenati. Welcome!

This is due to a bug in the js driver, which the Dashboard uses. I’ve created a GitHub issue, which also kicked off an internal issue.

Thanks for reporting! The best thing to do now is to watch the GitHub issue.


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