Fauna Set Streaming Now in Beta

I am thrilled to announce that Set Streaming is now available in Beta. Set Streaming extends Fauna’s existing Streaming capabilities, enabling you to subscribe to change events occurring on a set of documents in your database. Set Streaming complements our existing Document Streaming feature, which allows you to subscribe to changes on individual documents. The combination of these Streaming capabilities allows you to easily respond to changes within your database in real-time . Set Streaming is currently supported in our JavaScript driver, and will soon be available in beta in our Python, Go, C#, and JVM drivers as well. Learn more details in our documentation and try Set Streaming today! We are eager to hear your feedback! Contact us at product@fauna.com


As a follow up for users interested in Streaming, we completed release of all of our drivers, and now all Fauna drivers (Javascript, Python, Go, C#, and JVM ) support Set Streaming!

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