Fauna upload-graphql-schema gives Response: undefined

I am using Fauna locally to interact with the database from cloud.
After I login to fauna cloud (fauna cloud-login), I run the upload-graphql-schema command and the response is undefined

Is this a bug in fauna shell or there is some step that I’ve missed?


Hi @ClaudiaGiv I was able to get the same response.

When I did it, the schema successfully uploaded, although the console just says, “undefined”. Did the schema upload for you?


Since the schema uploaded for me (please still confirm that it does for you as well), I believe this is just a bug with how fauna-shell prints the result. Still, it is terribly confusing if that is the case.

I’ve created a github issue: upload-graphql-schema command prints "RESPONSE: undefined" · Issue #133 · fauna/fauna-shell · GitHub

This has also created an internal ticket for us to track and prioritize.

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Yes @ptpaterson the schema was updated for me also.

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