FQLv10 roadmap

I’ve started playing around with FQLv10 and already I think it solves a lot of issues around relational data and the intuitiveness of creating queries I had with v4. So my question is, is there already any (vague) idea when there might be a stable release so it can be used in production safely?

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Hello Fabian,

FQL v10 is quite stable now; we’ve had well over 20 million v10 requests in production. We got a couple of customers that have migrated their code to v10 already. If you are interested, email me at luis.colon@fauna.com and we can chat about getting you in our Early Access program, where we can provide advice and recommendations relating to code migration, etc.

Would also love to hear more about your experience with v10, we have a lot of good plans for it. We expect to go to GA with v10 in the next couple of months but, again, we’re actively having users leveraging it in production now.

  • Luis

Ok, good to hear. I think we will start migrating as well from August on then. I believe it will seriously improve our development speed.

We’ve already entered the Early Access programme as far as I know.

There are maybe a few things that I can add as a feature request. But I’m very thrilled about easily querying data from related documents, the new document data structure, the fact that indexes can be changed and the intuitiveness of the new language overall.

What also sounds promising is something I’ve read somewhere (Discord maybe) about the plans for computed values.

That sounds great. I’ll send you an email with more information about the Early Access program. thanks Fabian!