Free Storage - two different storage quotes

On the page there is a quote for the “generous free daily usage tier” of 5GB Storage. Yet on the page the quota is 100MB storage. Which is right?

@martinduo Fauna | Pricing is the right one. I do not see any 5GB Storage at Fauna. Can you please share a screenshot of it?

I’ve attached a composite of two screen snips I made showing the two different storage numbers. I have seen the offer of 5GB free ever since I discovered Fauna several months ago. I assumed that was the correct one since the other cloud providers offer equal or better quotes: Azure Cosmos DB: 5Gb, Amazon DynamoDB: 25GB. Even Google Firestore offers better: 1GB.

I see now that the Sign Up page I’ve seen as recently as two weeks ago is different from what I see today. The footnote about 5GB is gone now. Strange.

Thanks, @martinduo. I will get this fixed, and interestingly I don’t see the same. Which browser do you use?

What are you fixing? Did you see that I said I don’t see the 5GB offer anymore? Are you saying that’s wrong and the 5GB offer should still be there? I use Chrome and FireFox alternately and both show the data with the free 5GB offer missing.

@martinduo Nevermind, there is nothing to fix here, and the pricing page is the right one.