Get limitation does not allow flexible query

I’m trying to create a custom function (on javascript side), called createIfNotExists, what it will do is either create the document OR return the already existing document.

I’m trying to do this:

    existingDocument: Get(Match(Index('userByEmail'), 'test@email'))
    Create(Collection('users'), { data })

Which only does 1 read if the document already exists (1 for Get function); I can’t do this because Get will throw instance not found exception. I wanted it to return null if the document does not exist.

I’m left with no choice but to do:

  Exists(Match(Index("userByEmail"), "")),
  Get(Match(Index("userByEmail"), "")),
  Create(Collection('myCollection'), { data })

Which does 2 reads if the document already exists (1 read for Exists function, and another for Get function) essentially making it O(2n) instead of just O(n). So if I run this 100,000 times, that converts to 200,000 reads if all documents already exist.

Exists will be cached in your query, and Get will not be charged with another read ops. Here is an example.

Please note that Get can be more than one read ops with our new pricing.

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