GraphQL calls using third-party auth always return 'Invalid database secret'

Hey all,
I have setup third-party Auth for my fauna db instance, with Auth0 as the identity provider. Everything works perfectly if I use the JS FQL driver so my configuration is correct.
However when ever I try to use GraphQL, either in the gql playground provided on the fauna dashboard or via apollo client in my app, every request errors out and returns “Invalid database secret”.
I have tried exactly the same query in both and looked at the network headers and both the FQL driver and my gql client are attaching the same "authorization": "Bearer my-jwt-from-auth0-here"
So I’m a little perplexed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


I also have this issue, would love to hear of a solution🙃

We have logged a ticket for this problem (CE-51 is the number in case you have communications with customer support or other Fauns about this)