Graphql index fields ordering

I have types A, B, C, D.
Type X has exactly a m to 1 relationship with each, carried by fields X.a, X.b, X.c, X.d.
So that one A has many Xs,
One B has many Xs

But one X has exactly one A, one B, one C, one D.

Plus X has also fields X.y and X.z

My question is:
how can I specify (in graphql) that I want a specific ordering in the automatically created indexes?
For example I’d like to query for all the Xs of a particular B where X.y has a certain value (I want all equal X.ys to be stacked closely by the index.

I learnt that if I create the index through Fql I can specify all terms and values and ordering,

But can I be that specific through graphql alone (i.e. with annotations and so on?

Thanks really!

Currently you can’t and will have to write a custom FQL resolver. There are some related posts around this topic: