GraphQL union/interface ETA?

I’m planning a project that will be leveraging FaunaDB + GraphQL API (technology that has me VERY excited!), but find the lack of GraphQL union/interface support to be a major bummer as this particular project could benefit from these features in a huge way.

Just thought I’d ask if there’s any information that can be shared regarding the roadmap for these features, even if it’s not concrete. :grin:

Hello @SleepingRobot! We appreciate and share your excitement for Fauna an GraphQL! Supporting unions, interfaces, and fragments is at the top of our list of new features we’ll be adding to our GraphQL API. Our plan is to deliver this capability in late fall / early winter.


Thank you so much for the reply, Bryan! That’s great to hear, I can’t wait to see it added. That’s much sooner than I was expecting, as well. Fauna just keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:

I reopened this topic since @Jouw_Developer was interested in an update. In general, feature requests are good to keep open until delivered, so folks can keep voting and commenting.

Cross posting for @Jouw_Developer

hi @Jouw_Developer and thanks for your interest here. We’re planning handle unions this spring

Great, looking forward to it!