How can i connect fauna to Netlify?

Hello dear, can somebody help me to understand how can i connect a database in a Netlify website?
Just for understand, can you help me to create a button that when it will be clicked i save a +1 on my database?
Just for understand how it works on netlify, thanks for you help :slight_smile:

Hi @Alessandro-Greco, welcome!

There are a lot of different ways to get connected using Netlify. The typical method is to store environment variables with Netlify and use those in your application, either a public one in the web site or a private one in a serverless function, or both.

We try to simplify getting started using Fauna’s Netlify Add-on. It’s not necessary to use this – it just helps create a database and store Fauna’s keys in Netlify.

This is highly dependent on what technologies you are using to build your application. Whatever you are using, you will need your application to call the Update function.

Here are some examples which might help:

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