How can I delete all data with search terms?

I use this fql to delete my data,but only delete a few records.
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with that?

  Paginate(Match(Index("plantform_story_top"), "x", "f")),
  Lambda("ref", Delete(Var("ref")))

  name: "plantform_story_top",
  unique: false,
  serialized: true,
  source: Collection("story_top"),
  terms: [
      field: ["data", "t1"]
      field: ["data", "t2"]

By default, Paginate only returns a page with 64 results. You can request up to 100,000 with the size parameter:

Paginate(Match(Index("plantform_story_top"), "x", "f"), {size: 100000})

Or if there are more results than that, you could iterate through each page to delete the records until there were no more results in your set.

I just realized that your Match has the search terms as separate parameters, but I think they might have to be an array if there are multiple of them?

Match(Index("plantform_story_top"), ["x", "f"])

The JS driver lets you spread the arguments, so you don’t have to wrap arguments in an array with the JS driver or Shell.

That said, I think it’s more idiomatic to use an array. It can also be easier to reason about types if you avoid variadic functions, IMHO.

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