How do i convert an Match result to an Ref?

I’m trying to update an document in an Index (I’m using Index because im indexing the documents by an guild property which is an unique ID) but i dont know how to approach this.
I’ve read trough the docs but i just dont know how to approach this.

EDIT: Also, cheers and welcome! :partying_face:

There are two ways to do this, and they each cost the same*.

Select('ref', Get(Match(/* ... */)))

// Same result as

Select(0, Paginate(Match(/* ... */)))

So to update a Document from an index:

    ref: Select(0, Paginate(Match(/* ... */)))
  Update(Var('ref'), { data: { /* ... */ } })

* asterisk provided, because there are probably some edge cases to avoid. For example, if all you want is a Ref, and the document is many kB in size, it will cost more to read the Doc.


Ah, okay.
Thanks and ty! :smiley: