Increased frequency of UnavailableExceptions

We have quite some UnavailableExceptions such as this one:

time out: Read timed out. (Read Timeout. Deadline: TimeBound(5 seconds). Key: [274581652223558149, 32802, [“50012e5b-1f65-42f2-8a65-006cc97300b5”, 991]]. Recipient: e0aac10b-a429-498c-b283-9d7a8b9756d5.)
time: 1619012729165 (2021/04/21 13:45:29 UTC).

Are they related to incidents witnessed in Should we somehow manage the mentioned “Read Timeout”?

The application stack is AWS API Gateway with Lambda function implemented using Kotlin targeting JVM 11. We use com.faunadb:faunadb-java:4.1.0.

Without a timestamp associated with the exception, nobody can say whether it was related to an incident. However, correlation is likely a good guess.

Fauna is a cloud-based API. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime. Even if we achieve that, issues between your application and its execution environment and our endpoints could result in timeouts and downtime, from your app’s perspective. Your app should employ whatever defensive strategies make sense.

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Thanks @ewan. I am pretty sure in the correlation, but in case someone can check it out, I added the timestamp to the original message.